Avi Aharoni

Fourth Grade Teacher


  • Years of teaching experience: 5

  • Institutions: Aleph Preschool at Beth El Synogogue, Children's Theatre Theatre Arts Training Program, ARDC Israel


Why did you decide to become a teacher?

  • I think working with children is one of the most fulfilling career paths one can take. I love watching as the wheels turns inside a child's mind, and see information that has been taught turn into real knowledge. Children have such a beautiful sense of playfulness, openness and, with the right teachers, can be molded into thriving adults.


What do you love about working for Talmud Torah?

I am excited to work with the 4th graders. I enjoy the sense of community that Talmud Torah brings together, and the immense and varied talents of each teacher. I remember being a Talmud Torah kid in middle school and looking forward to being with my friends, and the teachers I liked so much as we got to explore what Judaism meant to us. I'm excited to share my experiences with Judaism, and learn from theirs.