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Welcome to the 2022 Hey (5th-Grade) Living Museum

Click any video to learn about the special, Jewish artifacts selected by our students. Each student worked with their family to find an item the was significant to them and their Jewish identity. They've presented those artifacts in the videos below. We hope you enjoy!

Living Museum 2022
AJ's Candle Holders
Andrew's Shofar
Asher's Shabbat Lamp
Carly's Tallit
Carter's Menorah
Charlie's Plate
Corban's Apple Cake Recipe
Elanna's Candle Holders
Gabe's Kiddush Cup
Ilan's Coin
Jada's Tallit
Joey's Tefillin
Jonathan's Passover Puppet
Julianna’s Tallit
Lucy's Rolling Pin
Marcus' Tefillin
Meyer's Kiddush Cup
Micah's Torah
Miles' Siddur
Noah's Tallit
Noah's Tzedakah Box
Ruby's Saba's Haggadah
Samuel's Tefillin
Talia's Tanakh
Tatum's Candlesticks
Zach's Tallit
Zoe's Tallit
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