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5th-Grade (Kitah Hey) Class Update

Dear Hey (5th-grade) Parents,

We were so happy to see so many of you at our Living Museum Grand Opening on Sunday, March 1. See photos here. Your children made us so proud! We also loved observing many of you reunite with friends you hadn’t seen in a long time. The Talmud Torah community goes back for generations and it is wonderful when there are opportunities to connect all over again.

Our studies in Hebrew have continued with reading practice, new vocabulary, possessives and suffixes. The new story we recently began speaks about a mezuzah from Israel. We spoke about a mezuzah--why do we put it on our doors, where do we learn about this mitzvah, and what is written on the parchment inside of it.

As Purim approached, we spoke of Esther’s heroism and standing up for the greater good.

In Torah class, we are studying a very interesting part of the Torah: the life of Jacob. He has a far more interesting life than his father Isaac, and the students had lively discussions about what he did to his brother and father (deceiving his father Isaac into thinking that he was Esau), and whether it was “cheating“, or rather, was Rebecca doing what she thought God told her to do? We continued this discussion during our first online session, which proved to be very lively and interesting! I will also use a very short video that discusses the ethics of what was being done and will consider different perspectives of the issue.

We will certainly miss being in our physical classrooms with your children but hope to continue to stimulate and educate them as usual through our distance learning opportunities. Stay healthy and safe!


Mary and Susie

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