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Message from the Board President

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

When you ask parents why they enroll their children in Talmud Torah, one reason that always simmers to the top is that they want a year-round Jewish community for their children. I have had the pleasure of being on our campus several times this fall and I can't tell you how happy the students are to be together. Sometimes these messages do not make it past the doors of Talmud Torah or into the carpool line, and even less frequently to the broader community, but it's true!

As you likely know by now, we have also been able to provide options for students to join us virtually, but at our heart we are a school built upon more than 125 years of exactly that—being together. Just like our Jewish holiday meals that emphasize togetherness, or our tradition of coming together for prayer and chanting Torah, our students come together to share the commonalities of their Jewish experience and feel the consistency of the classroom interactions led by our faculty and staff.

This semester, we've not only continued to navigate the pandemic and have had many school highlights as you can see in our most recent TT Talks Enews, but we've hired our new Head of School, Jody Moreimi, after a search that began this summer and extended into the fall. Take time to get to know her better in our special Q&A.

As we fast approach the end of 2021, we know many of you are still making year-end gift decisions. I now sincerely ask you to make a commitment to the students who need us in order to continue building this Jewish community for them. Behind the scenes, our board and leadership team works diligently to maintain Talmud Torah's financial stability. We do not turn any families away due to financial need and we were able to introduce a new, multi-student family discount this year. Still, only 56% of our budget is covered by tuition. We need your support today. Please go here to view our giving page where you can make a pledge or donate by credit card. I wish you a safe and healthy 2021.


Maggie Blehert

Board President

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