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Kitah Bet (2nd-grade) Class Update

Updated: Feb 17, 2022


Dear Kitah Bet (2nd-grade) Parents,

I am so proud of the Bet students! Every week I notice growth. Every week, I see something that makes me proud to be their teacher.

For example, the students have been learning about Mitzvot: Derech Eretz (manners, proper behavior), Kavod (giving others respect), Sh’lom Bayit (contributing to peace at home), Tikkun Olam (repairing the world). Last week, I heard a student tell another student that if students don’t show Kavod to each other, people get sad. Wow! They are using the Hebrew terminology and encouraging each other.

I have also seen the students’ behavior become more mature. They are able to work in smaller groups and stay on task. This is a significant area of growth, especially for reading, where sometimes they must work independently when it is not their turn. A huge thank you to all the parents who have been checking the homework sheets and helping your student make reading practice a priority!

Speaking of reading, the students are making great progress. They continue to learn new letters and vowels. In addition to making progress in Z’man Likro, the students are beginning to get more comfortable with Hebrew texts that are not in their books. This is an important step to using their reading abilities for more than reading practice. The students have been learning prayers and blessings through singing in the classroom. Now the students are beginning to use their student Siddurim, as we begin to prepare for the Bet Program - Yom HaSiddur.

Students also have been learning about the weekly Parsha. These lessons, often taught in Mifgash, have been the catalyst for great class discussions.

I always enjoy communicating with parents. Please let me know if you have questions.


HaMorah Etta


Dear Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd-grade) Parents,

This class continues to make excellent progress in Hebrew reading proficiency and practice. We continue to stress new letters and vowels each week, working on phonetic reading skills.

For Gimel, the third graders are learning some of the more advanced phonetic reading skills. Bet is continuing to complete work in the first volume of Z’man Likro. Part of the reading curriculum is T’filla. Students review some of the prayers they learned last year.

In addition, they are learning longer prayers, found at the end of every chapter in their brown textbook, the New Siddur Program Bk. 1. Most of these prayers have tunes, so you may have heard your students singing some of the prayers at home.

Students have also been learning about Israel. Last week, we “visited” Tel Aviv. I think their favorite city, so far, is Jerusalem. As we “visit” areas of Israel, the students learn about the different cultures within Israel. In every unit, they express surprise about something, ask terrific questions, and have lively class discussions.

Students continue to learn about the holidays. We will soon start our Purim unit, followed closely by our unit for Pesach. Holidays provide such a rich source for learning. The students learn about things from symbols to history to religious laws and observance to the wide variety of Jewish customs in our community.

I always enjoy communicating with parents. Please let me know if you have questions.


HaMorah Etta

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