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Updates from our Head of School


As we finally return to our regular school schedule following this past month’s special holiday celebrations (from Rosh Hashana to Simchat Torah), I want to suggest an easy way for you to actively partner with us for the benefit of your student. It’s really quite simple, and may help to answer one of the very first questions you probably ask your child after school, perhaps when they get into the car or sit down at the dinner table: “WHAT DID YOU DO AT TALMUD TORAH TODAY?” For a more complete answer than (dare I say!) you may typically receive, simply login to our FACTS Parent Portal! There you will find a summary of each day’s lessons (courtesy of our amazing faculty), along with additional resources and assignments, so you can knowingly and actively support of your child’s ongoing success!

What? You don’t know how to log in to the FACTS Parent Portal?? Click here to either log in or "Create a New ParentsWeb Account" (FYI, the login district code is “TAL-MN”). In addition to receiving information about your child’s class, you will be able to use the online directory to connect with other TT families.

In addition, here are links to some of the Hebrew textbooks that our students are using in class, so you can help them practice their reading and comprehension skills, and acquire new ones:

Kitah Bet (2nd grade): Z’man Likro Volume 1

Kitah Gimel (3rd grade): The New Siddur Program, Book 1

Kitah Dalet (4th grade): The New Siddur Program, Book 2

Kitah Hey (5th grade): The New Siddur Program, Book 2

Please feel free to download these files and print out select pages to read together with your child as you need them. By partnering together, we can continue to provide a variety of valuable, lifelong skills for intentional Jewish living!


Hazzan Jeremy Lipton

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