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Board of Directors

The Talmud Torah Board of Directors consists of six representatives of Adath Jeshurun Congregation, six
representatives of Beth El Synagogue, and six at-large members. The Board includes the Presidents of both congregations. The Board also benefits from the active participation of the Rabbis and Executive Directors of both synagogues and past Talmud Torah Board presidents. 

The Board has five standing committees:

  • Education

  • Family Connections

  • Finance

  • Fundraising

  • Marketing/Communications

Other committees are formed as needed to address specific projects or initiatives. The Board has regular meetings scheduled throughout the school year.


There is much to do, and we welcome your involvement!

If you're interested in serving on the Board or a committee, now or in the future, please feel free to contact Maggie Blehert, Board President.

Board Roster


Lisa Aronauer

Anya Belenky 
Matt Heilicher

Jacob Millner – Development

Dayna Shad - Family Connections Committee Chair

Ed Zeman - Adath President


Beth El

Andrea Binder

Debe Fefferman

Sally Forbes Friedman – Beth El President

Neil Goldsmith – Education Committee Chair

Becky Sanders – Annual Campaign Chair

Shira Shapiro - Secretary

At Large

Maggie Blehert – Immediate Past President

Scott Dorman – Marketing/Communications Committee Chair

Eric Hausman – Safety/Security Chair

Brad Kanter - Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair

Jaclyn Millner – President

Lauren Sarnak


Jody Moreimi - Head of School

Rabbi Alexander Davis - Beth El Senior Rabbi

Rabbi Aaron Weininger - Adath Rabbi

Matt Walzer - Beth El Managing Director

Miranda Weisbuch - Adath Executive Director

Past TT Presidents

Joseph Bard z"l 

Zorra Sussman z"l 

Dr. Thomas Litman z"l 

Judge Roberta Levy z"l

Richard Spiegel

Evelyn Flom z"l 

Steve Schachtman 

Rivel Greenberg

Myron Striker

Robert Warshawsky  

Jack Zouber

Neil Meyer

Michael Berde

Sandra Kaster

Ed Zeman  

Scott Gordon  

Joel Lavintman 

Lev Buslovich 

Mike Greenstein  

Dan Weiss  

Sandy Sondell  

Steve Gilfix

Maggie Blehert 

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