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Sandy and Jason Sondell

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Linda Gilfix

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Adrienne and Efrem Berman

Maggie and Steve Blehert

Amy and Dan Weiss

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Nina and Bryan Badzin

Jeannie and Steve Gilfix

Nancy and Steve Schachtman

Dawn and Danny Zouber

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Dr. Howard Ansel

Debra Altschuler and Eric Hausman

Lisa and Glenn Aronauer

Blanche Amar

Wendy and Steve Baldinger

Michael and Jaclyn Borofsky

Bonnie Bongard and Gary Goldish
Susie Chalom

Judith Edwards

Linda and Rabbi Avraham Ettedgui

Ellen Etzkin

David Fine

Barry Friedman

Gloria and Harvey Friedman

Robert Galinson

Kristen and Jonathan Goldberg

Seymour Gross

Harvey and Ellen Karch

Sandi and Michael King

Diane and Allen Kuperman

Riva and Craig Kupritz

Missy and Joel Lavintman

Reida Lazer-Chein

Jill and Uriel Lewis

Shelly and Lorri Lewis

Deborah McCann

Jaclyn Millner and Gregory Duhl

Barry Nash

Allen and Marcia Oleisky

Catherine Oskow 

Jeffrey and Dana Prottas

Steven Rose

Karen and Russ Rubin

Myrna and Mort Rubenstein

Stacie and Jeff Usem

Michelle and Alan Yousha

Michael Waldman

Kim and Matt Walzer

Joan and Alan Wolchansky

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Heilicher Family Foundation

Jeannie and Steve Gilfix Family

Linda Gilfix

Minneapolis Jewish Federation

Sandy and Jason Sondell Family

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Bobby and Bruce Nemer
Wilf Family Foundation

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Baratz Family Foundation

Linda and Mike Fiterman

Jeanne and Stan Kagin

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Barb and Andy Fishman

Cynthia and Harold Goldfine

Teri and Mike Greenstein

Cara Helper and Herb Cohn

Julie Hirsch and Ron Feldman

Zehorit and Matt Heilicher

Ruth and Harold Kaiser

Diane and Allen Kuperman

Lurie, LLP

Psychology Consultation Specialists, PLLC

Nancy and Steve Schachtman

Eileen and Harold Scherling

Alan Stillerman

Gail and Joel Tilsner

Sharon and Joel Waller

Rabbi Aaron Weininger

Diane Weisberg

Dawn and Danny Zouber

Sylvia and Jack Zouber

Bronze Sponsors

Meira and Justin Besikof

Susan and ​Michael Blehert

Maggie and Steve Blehert

Michael and Jaclyn Borofsky   

Lili Chester

Esther and Rabbi Alexander Davis


Carolyn Gerr

Heidi and Howard Gilbert

Cindy Reich and Rabbi Harold Kravitz

Ellen and Harley Greenberg

Penny and Steve Sanderson

Amy and Dan Weiss

Randi Winston and Barry Wolfish Family

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Friends of Talmud Torah

A-List Entertainment & Events, Becky Salita

Debra Altschuler and Eric Hausman

Howard Ansel

Michael Appleman

American Drapery Systems, Inc., Josh Awend

Lisa and Glenn Aronauer

Lorraine Astren

Nina Bacaner

Barbara Bach

Avi Baron

Sandy and Gary Baron

Etta and Mike Barry

Judi Belzer and Jerry Waldman

Gail Bender Satz and Mark Satz

Julie Berman and Hal Kaufman

Lois Berman

Sander Berman

Etta Bernstein

Helen and Stuart Bessler

Andrea and Alan Binder

Helen and Harold Bix

Harry Bojman

Borofsky Family

Judy and Neil Blumberg

Audrey Bragg and Marvin Sherman

Darlene and Larry Braufman

Carrie and Adam Broms

Marilyn and Tim Broms

Susie Chalom

Stuart Z. Chazin

Debra and Edward Chesen

Priscilla Chester

Stewart and Sheila Derechin

Judith Dodd

Shari and Adam Dveris

Terri and Bradley Eisenberg

Linda and Rabbi Avram Ettedgui

Rosalyn Ettedgui

The Finn Family

Lucy Rose Fischer

Noreen (Beanie) Fisher

Harvey and Evelyn Flom

Midge and Barry Frailich

Allen Friedman

Barry L Friedman

Gloria and Harvey Friedman

Robert Galinson

Lorraine Garon

Samuel Gendler

Sheldon and Sheri Gensler

Golden Valley Kids Pediatric Dentistry

Bonnie and Gary Goldish

Milton Goodman

Jeff Gold

Richard Goldstein

Jacy and Jason Grais

Allen Green

Adrienne Joy Greenberg

Rivel and Phil Greenberg

Rani Halpern and Joel Green

Barb and Earl Hoffman

Ann Beth Hunegs

Judith and Jerry Ingber Family

Linda and Joseph Itman

Debby and Ted Jewett

Sue and Bruce Kane

Shirley and Arnold Kaplan

Sheri Rosen and Jeremie Kass

Rose Kay

Sylvia and Harvey Keller

Pam and Marc Kermisch

Risa and Steven Kessler

Cyrile and Stephen Kieffer

Sharon and Marty Kieffer

Sandi and Michael King

Harriet and Dan Kohen

Brian Krelitz

Becky and Adam Kristal

Linda and William Lapp

Reida Lazer-Chein

Robert H Levine

Jeffrey Levy

Rachel and Tom Levy

Jill and Uriel Lewis

Lorri and Sheldon Lewis

Eileen Liederman

Alan Linoff

Kay and Hazzan Jeremy Lipton

Judith and Marvin Liszt

Michael London

Renee and Melvin Maisel

Abby Loyd and Owen Moldow

Barry Nash

Charlotte Nudell

George Nudell

Alice and Dan Nussbaum

Marcia and Allen Oleisky

Etta Fay Orkin

Catherine Orkin Oskow

Saint Paul and MN Foundation

Lisa and Bruce Peilen

Ron Plotsker

Perry Rank

Susan Rees

Sarah Reuler

Louise and Jerry Ribnick

Joseph Rine

Sue Ring

Earl Robinson

Andrea and Fred Rose

Lindsey and Jason Rose

Tema and Marty Rosenbaum

Lon Rosenfield

Lee and Harold Rosenthal

Jerry Rosenzweig

Karen and Russ Rubin

Becky and Matt Sanders

Kori and Charles Savitt

Janice and Jeff Schachtman

Deborah and Jeffrey Schein

Dolores Schlaifer

Renee and David Segal

Miriam Segall

Dayna and Trevor Shad

Debra and Stuart Shapiro

Michelle and Larry Shapiro

Beth Silverwater and Norm Greenberg

Jackie and Jim Sondell

Debbie and Craig Spencer

Judith and Richard Spiegel

Harriet Swartz

Stacie and Jeff Usem

Beth Virnig and Jonathan Levy

Michael Waldman

Kim and Matt Walzer

Robert Warshawsky

Ardis Wexler

Sonia and Stephen Winthrop

Debbie and Brent Wolfe

Zena Woolf

Kahori Yamada and Andrew Karch

Jennifer and Jeremy Zacks

Robin and Yefet Zadaka

Lynn and Ron Zamansky

Jane and Ed Zeman

Julie and Scot Ziessman

Muriel and Felix Zwiebel

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