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Endowment Funds

Thank you to the generosity of our donors nearly 10% of Talmud Torah's annual budget is covered by earnings from our endowment funds. Our funds support overall education, specific programming, and student and staff scholarships. 


If you wish to create a fund to support our programming or to honor a family member please contact Head of School, Jody Moreimi, at


Click here to donate to an existing fund

Educational Funds (General)

Talmud Torah Education Fund

Blehert Family Fund

Thomas and Hinda Litman Jewish Education Fund

Leon and Edith Cohen Malter Jewish Education Memorial Fund for the Talmud Torah

Joyce and Robert Warshawsky Family Education Endowment Fund

Educational Funds (Directed)

Jewish Studies Endowment Fund for Teaching Torah at the Talmud Torah

Morris and Hilda Berman Jewish Education Fund

Eiger-Zaidenweber Holocaust Resource Fund

Avraham Ettedgui Fund for Special Needs Children

Tom and Ann Friedman Family Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Jeannie and Steve Gilfix Family Experiential Education Fund

Lawrence I. and Sonia Kaiser Memorial Endowment Fund

Marc and Julie Kozberg Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Perl Family Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Leonard and Clara Savitt Jewish Education Fund

Sandy and Jason Sondell Family Experiential Education Fund

Abe and Fannie Schanfield Sunday Electives Program for the Talmud Torah

Max Weitz Memorial Holocaust Education Fund

Scholarship Funds (General)

Talmud Torah Association Scholarship Fund

Talmud Torah Student Scholarship Fund

Hyman and Gertrude Appleman Memorial Jewish Education Fund

Bernard and Fern Badzin Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Norman and Myra Chazin Family Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Howard and Eunice Gelb Fund

Aaron I. Geller Jewish Education Endowment Fund of the Talmud Torah

Sidney and Celia Goldstein Memorial Tuition Scholarship Fund

Archie & Florine Goodman Jewish Education Memorial Fund

Gerald Gottlieb Tuition Scholarship Endowment Fund

Sam and Sally Greenberg Tuition Scholarship Fund

Joe and Estelle Kane Family Education Fund

Lorraine and Sidney Katz Memorial Jewish Studies Fund

Joshua and Freda Paper Family Jewish Education Endowment Fund

Joshua Premack Fund

William and Clara Robins Jewish Studies Fund

Nancy and Steve Schachtman Talmud Torah Scholarship Fund

Jay and Elaine Shapiro Jewish Education Memorial Fund

Sidney and Lilyan Shields Jewish Education Fund

Capital Funds

Talmud Torah Capital Expense Fund

Scholarship Funds (Directed to TT Students/Graduates)

Talmud Torah Israel Experience Fund

Leo and Beth Frisch Career in Jewish Education Fund for the Talmud Torah

Rachel Raviv Hoffer Memorial Endowment Scholarship Fund

Professional Development Funds

Rabbi and Mrs. Marc Liebhaber Kavod Hamoreh Fund

Schochet Family Judaic Studies Fund

Board Funds

Talmud Torah of Minneapolis Board Designated Fund

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