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Mary Baumgarten

Fourth, Fifth, Seventh Grade Teacher


  • BA in Education and International Studies - American University

  • MA in English as a Second Language - Temple University


  • Years of teaching experience: 50

  • Awards: Vivian Mann Jewish Educator of the Year Award

  • Institutions: Talmud Torah of Minneapolis, Heilicher Minneapolis Jewish Day School


Why did you decide to become a teacher?

  • I decided to become a teacher because I have always loved children and learning.


What do you love about working for Talmud Torah?

Talmud Torah is my home. I love that I have a part in raising and educating the next generation of young Jews. I am so proud that I have worked with and, hopefully, had an impact on the lives of thousands of students over the course of the past 45+ years. I believe that students in a supplementary setting deserve and can receive a quality Jewish education. This requires a partnership between our school and our parents. It requires a commitment to high standards and a time commitment on the part of our families. I consider my work "holy" work, and I am so proud of my long association with the Talmud Torah, which has a legacy of excellence in Jewish education. I hope that my grandchildren will be able to benefit from what the Talmud Torah has to offer.




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