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Welcome to Multi-Generations Day!

Please click here for a special welcome message from our board president, Maggie Blehert

9:45am-10:25am: Classrooms Visits

The day will start with classrooms visits for students and their guests. Click the appropriate button below to join via Zoom. Keep this webpage open. After classes end at 10:25am, you'll come back to this page to join the activities.

10:30am-12:00pm: Activity Stations

To join any of the activities below, click "Enter Activity" and a new Zoom window will open. You can stay in the Zoom activity for as long as you'd like. Once you're done, leave the activity you were in and then come back to this webpage to choose another one. Many of these activities last 10-15 minutes. Depending on when you join a new activity, you could be waiting for 10 minutes or so. You might use this time to give your special person a call, so you can chat with one another while you wait together.


Recommendations for student and special guest communication:

Be sure to let your student or special guest know which activity you'd like to join and when. We recommend you text or call one another when you're ready to move onto another activity. 

Create Jewish Art 

Have your paper and coloring materials ready for a fun, Jewish artist project. Join Etta and Bonny to learn about famous Jewish artists and draw pictures following their styles. You can use any material you like - crayons, markets, paint, etc.

TT Charades

All of the Zoom Charades topics will be specifically related to Talmud Torah. Polly and Debby will guide you through these fun, interactive, short games that will test your knowledge, creativity, and imagination!

L'dor Va'dor - Share Your Family Story

Niza and Avi will be leading an engaging discussion about family history and Judaism. Share stories of your upbringing, Jewish history, artifacts, and experiences. You'll also get to hear songs and watch videos about our shared Jewish heritage. 

Jewish Kahoot! Trivia

Mary and Susie will test your Jewish trivia knowledge in rapid rounds of Kahoot! (digital trivia). Be prepared with a smartphone or other device to connect to the game. The games will either be Torah, Israel, or Jewish Holidays Trivia. 

TT Zoom Photo Booth

Create a lasting memory by having a Zoom photo taken with your invited special guests. Pictures will be emailed so you will never forget Talmud Torah Multi-Generations Day 2021!! We'll share these photos on our website and social pages.

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