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 Strategic Plan 


In June 2014, the Board of Directors initiated a strategic planning process to refine Talmud Torah’s
mission and vision, identify its strengths and challenges, and establish specific goals for the next few
years that will improve the quality of the educational experience for our students. The process produced
five strategic goals that the Board has focused on implementing since their adoption in March 2015.

Strategic Goals
  • Develop and clearly communicate a meaningful, relevant value proposition that is widely embraced.

  • Build deeper connections and engagement with the families we serve.

  • Establish a sound governance and management structure that includes clear articulation of the working relationship with the synagogues.

  • Continually adapt and improve the educational model and its delivery.

  • Develop a sustainable financial model.

The Brit

Another important outcome of this process was the development of a Brit (covenant), entered into by
Adath and Beth El leadership in May 2015 on behalf of their respective congregations. The Brit's purpose
is to provide a foundation and guidance for the congregations' joint operation of Talmud Torah. The Brit
sets forth the overriding fundamental principles of their collaboration, and the commitments they make, to
fulfill the school's new mission and vision.

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