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A Collaborative Purim Poem about Ometz Lev (courage) by Kitah Gimel


My friend showed me, be adventurous.

He took on Voldemort by himself.

He faced the finat serpent by himself.

Julian Edelman caught many hard passes.

If you try hard, we will succeed.

Princess Leah killed Jabba the Hut.

She showed me how to be kind and brave.

Stefon was good at catching and fast.

He helped win Superbowl 51!

She was not afraid to be herself.

He was kind when he wasn't before.

Not afraid when he was in the camp.

We do not want you to get hurt.

Doctor Fish was proud for who he was.


~ Natan, Leah, Vilvel, Baruch, Chaya, Maya, Tali, Mordechai, Meital, Simcha, and Ian


Teddy got shot, but still said his speech.

Anya looks out for me, does things first.

Nancy the snooper, behind the bush.

Chris had Ometz Lev when he played

Teddy Roosevelt, he was brave.

Chris was little, but played big.

Anya rode her bike and showed Ometz Lev.

Chris changed the game when he played ball.

Could be found, Ometz Lev helped all.

~ Ryan, Brianna, Dahlia, and Ethan


Below is the calendar for the 2016-2017 Talmud Torah school year.  Some events are shown as TBD because we are still working out details for room and event space in the HMJDS and/or JCC. Updates will be made as needed and reposted here, as well as on the Calendar & Events page.  Changes and additions will also be noted on that page as the calendar is updated.

2016-2017 Talmud Torah Calendar (updated on March 18, 2017)


- There is no school on April 9th because the first Passover seder is April 10th

- The Bet (2nd Grade) Family Program is confirmed on April 30th

- The 8th graduation is confirmed on Wednesday, May 24th


The Talmud Torah serves families and students from grades 2-8 and their families through a varied Jewish curriculum delivered by professional Jewish educators.  As the school of Adath Jeshurun Congregation and Beth El Synagogue, Talmud Torah engages students from all backgrounds in educational experiences that provide a foundation and the lifelong tools for living an intentionally Jewish life.




Shabbat Poems

Recently, during the week of studying the weekly parshah Vayakhel, our students were asked to write poems about Shabbat. 

We would like to share some...



Each Shabbat we sit,

with good food and family;

together we'll sit

-5th grade


Synagogue, Tarbut

family, togetherness

light candles tonight.

-5th grade

Praying on Shabbat

spending time with family

having fun with friends.

-5th grade

On Shabbat I rest

On Shabbat I light the candles

On Shabbat I am me

-5th grade

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