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2nd Grade (Kitah Bet) Welcome


Dear Bet Parents,

Welcome to the 2019/2020 school year! I am Etta Bernstein, your child’s teacher for Bet. We have had a great start to the year!

While academics are important, Jewish values are taught directly and supported in all that we do in class. All class rules are based on the Jewish value of showing Kavod (Respect or Honor.) The goal is for every student to feel safe and comfortable in the group. We are a classroom community!

The primary academic goal of Kitah Bet (2nd grade) is learning all the basics of phonetic reading. They learn these skills through textbook activities, games, and lots of practice in class and at home. Students will learn advanced skills and get more reading practice in subsequent years. A productive Bet year provides the foundation for what is to come later.

The students are already learning to phonetically read Hebrew. We are currently working on Lesson 3. In order to keep the progress going and growing, I have listed a few suggestions.

  • Check the homework sheet. There should always be a new assignment.

  • Check out the online portal. After you registered, you received information about using the parent portal. This is a place where you can see what your child did in class on a given day. Check out other helpful resources.

  • Bring folder, textbook, and homework sheet to every class.

In addition to reading, students learn about holidays, Shabbat, Jewish symbols, Israel, and a variety of other Judaic topics. They will bring home a small magazine for most these units. This magazine provides suggestions for parents, for reinforcement after students complete the booklets in class.

I hope to meet with everyone on Curriculum Day!

L’Shana Tova!

HaMorah Etta


Dear Bet/Gimel parents,

I am Etta Bernstein, teacher for the combined Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd grade) class. The year has gotten off to a great start! Our time in class is split between Hebrew and Etgar Yesodi Judaics curriculum.


Bet students are on Lesson 3 in their textbook. Please look at the posting for Bet to see further information and suggestions for helping your child be successful.

The Gimel students are reviewing reading skills, especially vowels. They will soon begin a textbook that stresses the learning of basic prayers while teaching basic vocabulary for both prayer Hebrew and Modern Hebrew. This group is eager to learn and be challenged!


Etgar Yesodi is a program developed to provide a more in-depth study of Judaic topics. For 3rd grade, the focus is holidays. The program is designed to dig beneath the surface. The students learn the basics, symbols, customs, prayers, by exploring materials more deeply than they did in previous years.

Etgar Yesodi takes into account educational research that addresses higher level thinking skills, as well as multiple intelligences. Teachers of the Etgar Yesodi program must complete training, as it is a highly developed system, and its parts need to fit together properly to reap maximum benefit. The activities interconnect, providing reinforcement of learned material through a variety of means. Students do not learn just the facts. They make decisions about how what they are learning applies to their own lives. They categorize and prioritize. This ensures that students are building on previous knowledge and learning in an age-appropriate manner.

I look forward to seeing you on Curriculum Day!

L’Shana Tova!

HaMorah Etta

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