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OCTOBER E-NEWSLETTER: Message from our Head of School

Jody Moreimi

The Jewish High Holy Days are a time for repentance, reflection, and renewal. They are also a time for remembering. Remembering our transgressions from the past year, remembering our loved ones who have passed on, remembering what food you were supposed to bring to the Break Fast, and remembering all of the routines you set up at school before the many days off!

I’m not sure about you but, as a parent, I find it difficult to jump back into my daily routines after having so many weeks without a regular schedule. I find it even more difficult to guide my children in their routines at the same time. So, although this might not be helpful to everyone, here are a few reminders to help your child(ren) and their teachers get back into a consistent Talmud Torah schedule.

  1. Attend class regularly

    1. It is nearly impossible to learn a language and a culture through a few hours of class one to two days a week. Talmud Torah relies on a commitment from you to practice reading, discuss values and traditions, and live Jewishly everyday in order to achieve our goal of providing a foundation and the lifelong tools for living an intentionally Jewish life.

  2. Check to make sure your student has all materials they need

    1. Do they have their folder? A Book? A snack (or money for a snack)? A water bottle? Please do not bring toys or valuables that might be distracting or get damaged or lost.

  3. Arrive on time (or about 5-10 minutes early)

    1. This gives them time to talk with friends and be ready for learning when class starts, not 5-15 minutes later.

    2. Pull all the way up to the front of the sidewalk while dropping your student off

    3. Remind students to get a drink and go to the bathroom when they get in and then go directly to class

    4. If you have to pick your child up early, please send an email to their teacher(s) and to as early as possible and call the office when you arrive at the JCC. One of our staff members will walk your child out to the front of the building.

  4. Talk with your student about appropriate behavior in class

    1. Our teachers work hard to provide important and engaging experiences for all our students. They also know how important it is to build strong peer relationships in the classroom and allow for socialization. Only by participating appropriately in class and respecting everyone can we fully achieve these goals.

  5. Be our partner

    1. Share milestones and important information with your teacher. We love celebrating successes and working through challenges together. We can achieve this by open communication and being a partner in your child(ren)’s life. Also, see below for information on an opportunity for your voice to be heard in visioning what the future holds for supplemental schools in our community.

  6. Discuss the fun times of Talmud Torah

    1. Learning a new language, building lifelong friendships, strengthening ties to Israel and Jews around the world, and enriching spirituality through lessons and stories from the Torah can be a fulfilling and exciting time. Remind your students how lucky they are to have this opportunity and how much the lessons they are learning at Talmud Torah can help guide them through life no matter where their path leads them.

Everyone at Talmud Torah understands the demands put on us, as parents, and our children in this ever-changing world, as well as the sacrifices we all need to sometimes make in order to live an intentionally Jewish life. Through community building activities, volunteer opportunities, songs, games, projects, and prayers, we strive to be a positive force in the lives of all our students.

We are here for you and because of you. In order to ensure that we are providing the Jewish education that you want, please consider attending one of the Community Visioning Workshops led by the Minneapolis Jewish Federation. I suggest attending the “Healthy Ecosystem for Supplemental Schools” on either Monday, November 10th (In-Person) or Thursday, December 1st (Virtual). You can register for the free session HERE (Nov. 10) or HERE (Dec. 1). There are also a number of other workshops aimed at making the Minneapolis Jewish community a place where we are proud to call home. You can see all the available workshops HERE.

As always, thank you for choosing the Talmud Torah of Minneapolis to be a part of your life. Our enrollment has grown this year, our curriculum is more solidified, and our commitment to our students is stronger than ever! Please do not hesitate to reach out to me for any reason.


Jody Moreimi

Head of School

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