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4th-Grade (Kitah Dalet) Class Update

Dear Dalet 1 and Dalet 2 (4th grade) Families,

New Learning:

From the Etgar Yesodi (Challenge) Curriculum: Your child will begin a unit about Blessings. During the first part of this unit our students will learn about the recitation of daily Blessings/Brachot as a way of recognizing the good in our lives. They will focus on their daily actions as a way to access what they have to be grateful for. As part of this unit students will write personal blessings based on their daily experiences. Our lessons will include: Counting our Blessings, and Responding to Difficult Circumstances. We will be making a 100 blessing chain link, pop up cards and do Torah text studies to learn about the Blessings in our lives.

Special Attitude of Gratitude Program:

At the beginning of this unit we have invited parents and special people at home to participate in a family program entitled an “Attitude of Gratitude”. During this program we will eat, discuss, dance and will explore the blessing of your family by creating a unique piece of Judaica, a plaque with a blessing for your home that you will be composing together with your child.

Parent/s to join us on Sunday, February 23rd beginning in the Beit Knesset at 9:45 AM -12:00 PM. Students will be asked to attend Mifgash Class at their regular time of 9:00 AM. We look forward to sharing your thoughts on gratitude and blessing with you, and look forward to learning together at our very special family program.

Continued Learning:

We continue to celebrate Judaics, Israel and the Hebrew language as we read, write, and speak in class, dance and sing with Mr. Tzedakah, pray and discuss during Mifgash, and read and discuss about different areas in Israel from our Passport packets.

Please remember to take time to listen to your child read in Hebrew at home for continued practice.

Shavua Tov, Counting Our Blessings,

Noa Rosenzweig

Morah (Teacher) Schear

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