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6th-Grade (Kitah Vav) Class Updates

Happy Healthy 5780! Hope you enjoyed Rosh Hashanah, had an easy fast for Yom Kippur, and enjoyed your celebrations in the Sukkah. It was great meeting many of you during our Curriculum Day parents’ evening!

This past month we have been learning through discussions, games and lessons. As we continue the Kashrut unit we will be using Sources from the Torah to understand reasons for Kashrut and look at Rambam’s reasons for why we do a Mitzvah. After a classroom Torah study, students will be preparing to teach a Torah lesson the class in small groups regarding reasons for keeping Kosher. Please know that all family practices regarding Kashrut will be respected at these times of learning.

Students were engaged in a lesson on the Jewish Laws of constructing a Sukkah and designed their own Sukkah using these laws. We have also started studying about the leadership of Joshua and the conquest of the Promised Land.

Please log into our FACTS Parent Portal regularly to be current and updated on each of the daily activities that occur during our classroom sessions. Also, please have your child read Hebrew from any source or Siddur you may have at home or that is sent home to maintain and bolster their Hebrew reading skills... we recommend at least an additional twenty minutes a week! And, please be sure that your child brings a kippah and clip with them to Talmud Torah during each class session.

We look forward to spending more wonderful learning times together and want to wish you a happy 5780!

Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui and Morah (Teacher) Schear

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