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Kitah Dalet (4th-grade) Class Update

DALET 1 & 2 (Sun/Wed)

Dear Parents of Kitah Dalet 1 & 2 (4th-grade),


This month was great! In Moreh Avi's class, we’ve been working really hard and diligently in our Hebrew books and cursive writing books. Sometimes we break off in pairs and work on some of the pages as Avi and helpers walk around guiding everyone with help, and sometimes we work together as a whole class. As we move forward, we will continue finding new and exciting ways to read Hebrew and retain our new information. Fortunately, we are getting better every week in Hebrew! We are nearly a quarter of the way through our Hebrew book where we’ve read a few stories and talked about things like root words.

Remembrances Etgar (Challenge):

We have been studying and analyzing various Torah Texts that taught us about the stories and struggles of our Patriarchs and Matriarchs. We learned about Abraham and Lot going their separate ways and the capture of Lot. We will continue to read and study about Yitzhak in Gerar and the argument that occurred between the shepherds over the wells in Gerar. How do we apply this lesson of sharing and owning space to our own lives?

Please make sure your child has completed their Interview assignment which is on pages 20-21 in their student binder. Directions are on page 20. Each student is to interview an elderly family member to help students learn about a family member who is no longer living. This will be an opportunity for your child to learn from an elderly family member whose stories are unfamiliar to them. Due date: Wednesday January 5. Some students may have already completed their interview. We will soon be creating projects to accompany student interviews and then will present to our peers.

Please Mark your Calendars

A Special Family Blessing Program for Dalet 1 and 2 will take place the morning of April 10, 2021, inviting parents to join their child either on Zoom or in person. Stay tuned for details.


We enjoyed making edible dreidels, doing word searches, making a Rube Goldberg Hanukkiah with a marble works set, dancing to music, and reading a Hanukkah song about Or (Light).

Rube Goldberg Museum Visit

Thank you Robyn Awend and Jo Jo for teaching us about Rube Goldberg and his inventions at our JCC exhibit/museum. It was informative and exciting. We even applied his idea of process and engineering during our Hanukkah party.

Community and Communication

It was great meeting with most of you during parent-teacher conferences and having the opportunity to celebrate your child’s learning at Talmud Torah. It is a joy to share all the things we’ve been doing over the past couple months.

Wishing you all a Happy Healthy Winter Break and New Year!

Morah (Teacher) Schear

Dalet 3 (Tues/Thurs)

Dear Dalet 3 (4th-grade) Parents,

This has been a very busy time of year with Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. I hope that you and your family enjoyed all the festivities.

I wish to share with you what we have been studying:


  • Our study of Torah has continued with Noah. We have been discussing the possible interpretation of the phrase that Noah was “righteous in his generation.” Is it easier to be good when everyone around us is being good or when everyone around us is not so good?

  • We also spoke about the 7 Noachide laws.

  • Our values discussion has been about the mitzvah of kindness to animals.


  • Students enjoyed our study and celebration of Hanukkah

  • One of the things I emphasized was that the war that took place was not about land or money. It was a war fighting for our very right to be Jews.

  • They particularly enjoyed our games and stories connected with this joyous holiday.

It was wonderful seeing some of you at our recent conferences.

I wish you and your families a wonderful winter break.



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