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Kitah Dalet (4th-grade) Class Update

Dear Parents of Kitah Dalet 1 (4th-grade)

Happy Healthy Adar 5782 and March 2022


We are continuing to work in our Hebrew book as we focus on decoding, comprehension, and reading with fluency. We were introduced to Mem, Ayin, Mem Sofit and more. Our goal is to work up to page 40 in the Siddur/Hebrew book and up to page 20+ in the Handwriting book by spring break. Please have your child complete any missing work due to absences so to not fall behind. We are continuing to work in small groups for Reading Clinics and Work Time at the beginning of each class session as well to stay caught up on material introduced.

Additional Learning Activities:

  • We read, translated, and listened to the Todah song as we shared our gratitudes.

  • We have enjoyed an activity called Todah Rabbah -Thank you! Try it at home…

    • 1st Partner says: I got you a gift.

    • 2nd Partner says: Todah Rabbah for the _______(make up the gift)

    • 1st Partner says: I got you a (repeat the gift that was mentioned above), because:___ (give a reason)

    • 2nd Partner says: Todah Rabbah

  • We say and sign the Shema in sign language

  • Played Wheel of Fortune with the Hebrew word Ahava (love). Students wrote Hebrew letters (in script) and played along in their journal.

  • Completed page 33 Ahava Rabbah as we looked for the word Ahava (Love) in the blessing prayer.

  • Played Charades with vocabulary words on page 35.

  • Made cards and played Memory as a class with our Hebrew vocabulary words too.

  • Participated in a Telephone type game with Hebrew script fonts formed on our peers' backs. After getting the font message clue, students wrote the Hebrew letter on the board forming the word we guessed.

  • Made Masks for Purim using Hebrew words and characteristics we do not want to hide behind a Mask (Bravery-Courage-Strength-Hardworking-Dedicated-Joyous.

Please Mark your Calendars

A special family blessing program for Dalet 1 will take place the morning of April 10, 2022. We are inviting parents to join their child either on Zoom or in person. Stay tuned for details.

Brianna Johnson

We are excited to welcome Brianna Johnson into our community as a partnering teacher. She brings warmth and a passion for Hebrew and Judaism.

Community and Communication

Please reach out with questions or comments. It’s nice to be in touch. Please let the Talmud Torah office know of any changes in dismissal and absences for your child. Students will be escorted out of the building by an office member if an early dismissal is required.

,חג שמח! Blessings

Brianna Johnson

Morah (Teacher) Schear


Dear Dalet 3 (4th-grade) Parents,

Our study of Torah has followed our patriarch and matriarch, Abraham and Sarah. We witness Abraham’s qualities of being a peacemaker, showing hospitality and honoring the dead. After Sarah’s death , his purchase of the Cave of Machpelah is the first piece of land that we owned in Canaan.

The promise, in the Covenant, of our becoming a great nation cannot be fulfilled unless Isaac marries and has children. Abraham makes sure that he finds a wife for Isaac so that the Brit can continue.

My students found the discussion of arranged marriages interesting, especially to learn that there are still such marriages today.

Our next unit is about the birth of Jacob and Esau, where a variety of family intrigues take place. We see that the characters in the Torah are sometimes imperfect and that we can learn how not to behave from them.

We have also been speaking about our joyous holiday of Purim. I hope that all of you will attend the Megillah reading and festivities at your synagogues on Wednesday evening. This is a fun and festive holiday which everyone should have the opportunity to celebrate.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with your children.

Chag Purim Sameach,


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