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Kitah Het (8th-grade) Class Update

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

Hello to all, I’m Anne Hope, the new teacher in Kitah Het (8th grade). While I may be new to Het, I’m not new to the Minneapolis Jewish Community. I currently serve as the EMTZA Region USY Teen Engagement Director and have had the good fortune to have taught at both Yachad and at the Talmud Torah High School Program years ago.

I am so excited to be back in the classroom. I’ve only had a couple of classes with your teens so far, though they have been interesting. I wanted to spend time getting to know the teens before delving into the Israel Link curriculum. I chose to focus on Jews in the News. We talked about the book Maus and whether it should be banned - why and why not; the students were all opposed to the book banning. We discussed Whoopi Goldberg and her comments regarding the Holocaust as being an example of “man's inhumanity to man.” I was surprised to find out that none, not one of your teens, had ever heard of Whoopi Goldberg or The View, however, I showed video clips and we had a good discussion. We also talked about a day school teacher in New Jersey who was fired from her job for posting anti-Israel sentiments on her personal Twitter account. I found the teens to be smart and thoughtful. I’m looking forward to delving into the Israel Link curriculum and getting to know your kiddos better and learning from and with them for the rest of the school year!


Anne Hope

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