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2nd Grade (Bet) Class Update

Bet 1 & 2 (Mon/Wed)

Dear Kitah Bet (2nd Grade) Parents,

Now that we have finished the fall holidays and MEA, the students will be able to have class twice a week. Even with classes once a week, the students are making wonderful progress.

In Hebrew, the students are working on Lesson 4, which means they have learned 3 vowels and 9 letters. Learning is reinforced through interactive games shared in our virtual classroom. In addition to working in the book, the students are learning blessings and basic conversation. The students have added the blessing for studying Torah and things Jewish. In conversation, the students are learning vocabulary that gradually grows into a conversation. Whenever possible, I try to give the students an opportunity to use movement to facilitate learning. We do “vowel aerobics” and play Shimon Omer (Simon says.)

In Judaics, Michelle Parks has started teaching a unit about Israel. The students enjoy learning general facts about Israel and have viewed a video that showed interesting places in Israel. She has had very lively discussions that capture the interests and imaginations of the students. Students also made an edible Sukkah and had one of their lessons in Michelle's Sukkah.

We continue to work to make the most of our virtual environment, learning and implementing technology to enhance the educational experience of the students. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.


Etta Bernstein and Michelle Parks

Decorating delicious Sukkahs!

Bet & Gimel (Tues/Thurs Class):

Dear Kitah Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd Grade) Parents,

Kitah Bet/Gimel are making great progress!

In Bet Hebrew, the students are spending most of their time learning the letters and vowels and learning to read. The students are currently working on Lesson 5 in their Hebrew language book, Zman Likro. They have learned 11 letters and 3 “ah” vowels and an “ee” vowel. Students are also adding vocabulary for their growing attendance dialogue. They hear and respond to even more words. When fitting, the students get up and do movement activities, such as “vowel aerobics” and Shimon Omer (Simon Says.) Bet students are also adding to their knowledge of blessings and prayers. Most recently, they have been learning the blessing for studying Torah and all things Jewish.

In Bet Judaics, students completed holiday units and are now studying a unit about Israel and starting to learn about mitzvot. Students also made an edible Sukkah and had one of their lessons in Michelle's Sukkah, as pictured.

Gimel Hebrew. Bonny (HaMorah Buna) continues to review the alef-bet and has started teaching from their main Hebrew language textbook, The New Siddur Program, Book 1.

Gimel Judaics curriculum is taught by Polly Lehman. In Polly’s class, students learned about the holiday of Sukkot, discovering the guidelines to building a sukkah and brainstorming ways we might dwell in our sukkot. We learned that a sukkah must be at least 3 feet tall, have a natural roof, and can even be built on a boat or the back of a camel! We also observed some interesting, out of the box sukkot in the video Sukkah City. Moving forward we will begin our Rosh Hodesh unit, learning about the Jewish calendar and how we use the moon to track the months of our year. Polly has added a link for a video, as well. Here is the link for the video.

The Bet/Gimel Team enjoys working together with your students!


Etta Bernstein, Bonny Wexler and Polly Lehman

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