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Kitah Bet (2nd-grade) Update


Dear Kitah Bet (2nd-grade) Parents,

The Bet students approach every lesson with enthusiasm and energy. They love to learn and to discuss the material we have been studying.

Our Pesach unit included an in depth study of the 4 Questions, as well as Hebrew reading skills. In the course of using the 4 Questions packet, students practiced reading every letter and vowel. Students learned to sing and to read the 4 Questions. In order to read from the Haggadah, the students are reading difficult words as they appear in authentic situations. In the process, the class learned about the 14 steps of the Seder, the Haggadah, the Pesach symbols, and the story of Moshe. In addition, the students learned some of the songs we sing at our Seders.

The Bet students are looking forward to the Yom HaSiddur Program on Sunday, May 15. They will be able to show some of what they have been practicing this school year. They will also show some of what they have learned in their lessons about Israel. Click here to RSVP.

It is a pleasure to engage with your students as they learn and grow.

HaMorah Etta Bernstein


Dear Kitah Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd-grade) Parents,

The Bet/ Gimel students always come ready to learn. It is a pleasure to see them grow as a classroom community.

For the Pesach holiday, the Gimel students built on the skills from last year, reviewing the 4 Questions, then exploring the Haggadah. The students learned the 14 steps of the Seder as well as many of the songs for our Seder.

Students continue to practice their reading skills. They work on specific skills, often more advanced than what was covered last year. In addition, they have been studying prayers and the Hebrew skills involved in understanding the prayers. For example, the students have learned that Hebrew words have root letters. Hebrew words with the same roots form a word family, with related meanings. Bet also is making good progress in basic reading skills. Pesach has provided ample opportunities to use these reading skills and learn some new letters and vowels while working to master reading the 4 Questions.

As we finish our school year, we will continue learning about Israel and why Israel is important for all Jews. We will learn about the spring Israeli holidays and their significance.

It is always a pleasure to teach your students. May they continue to go from strength to strength.

HaMorah Etta Bernstein

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