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2nd Grade (Bet) Class Update

BET 1 & 2

Dear Kitah Bet (2nd grade) Parents,

It was great seeing everyone for parent-student-teacher conferences!

Hebrew (Etta): Students have been introduced to Lesson 8 in their reading textbook. They were surprised to see how many letters they now know. During winter break, please ask your students to read to you. They can read new material from lessons 7 and 8, or they can select older material. The main thing is -- the students need to practice reading 2 - 3 times a week for 10 minutes at a time. The more they read, the better they will read, becoming more fluent with each practice. Repeating reading pages helps the student feel comfortable with the material.

Students learned Hanukkah vocabulary as a reading practice. Again, they were very happy to see how much they were capable of doing.

Judaic Studies (Michelle): The students completed their Israel unit. They learned about the history of the land and the variety of people who live in Israel today. They also learned about money and stamps in Israel, even designing their own stamps. The Israel unit was followed by a unit about Hanukkah. Students learned the story, made Hanukkah cards, and even their own Hanukkah candles. In addition, they learned and practiced the Hanukkah blessings.

We feel privileged to be teaching your students. Thank you for your enthusiastic partnership in this important endeavour!


Etta Bernstein and Michelle Parks


Dear Kitah Bet/Gimel (2nd and 3rd grade) Parents,

It was wonderful meeting everyone at parent-student-teacher conferences...Kitah Bet students are excited about learning!

Hebrew: Our class begins with the La’asok B’divrei Torah blessing, where we express gratitude for being able to study Torah. As we study Hebrew, the students feel more connected to their Judaism. The class is working on Lesson 8 in their reading textbook. Students also have been busy learning vocabulary for Hanukkah. We used this vocabulary for our reading practice. During winter break, please ask your students to read to you! It is important that they practice reading from their textbook for 10 minutes, 2 - 3 times per week. They can choose to read the more recent lessons or to review the earlier ones.

Judaic Studies: The students have concluded their units about Mitzvot and Israel. Recently, students have been learning about Hanukkah. They learned the story about how the holiday got its start and why it is still important to us today.

Kitah Gimel Hebrew: Students are successfully working with Bonny Wexler, strengthening their reading skills while reading stories, learning basic vocabulary, and learning basic grammatical rules. As their reading continues to improve, the students have made excellent progress and are now beginning more advanced reading material, practice that highlights these rules. They also study stories, learning vocabulary and applying basic grammar concepts.

Judaic Studies: In their ETGAR units, taught by Polly Lehman, the students have been learning about Hanukkah, practicing the prayers, and expressing themselves by writing “Hanukkah Haiku.” Gimel students celebrated Hanukkah together at our Kitah Gimel Hanukkah Hagigah! We made hanukkiot out of treats and played an extra special dreidel game before coming together to light all the candles on our personal family hanukkiah!


Etta Bernstein, Bonny Wexler, and Polly Lehman

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