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2nd-Grade (Kitah Bet) Class Update

Bet (2nd Grade) Sun/Wed

Dear Bet (2nd grade) Parents,

The Bet students continue to learn with enthusiasm!


The students are making wonderful progress in their Hebrew textbook, demonstrating their knowledge by reading accurately. The books use more vocabulary now. Students enjoy looking at the differences between Hebrew and English. Knowing the meanings of some of the words strengthens reading, giving the students an added incentive to learn. The third reading component is blessings and prayers. Students learn most of the blessings as songs. They are close to being able to read the blessings. We have been concentrating on morning blessings. In January, we will study the blessings for Friday evening.

Judaic units

We are working on the Judaic unit, “Jewish Symbols.” Right now, we are focusing mainly on the symbols of Hanukkah. The students have learned about the Menorah that stood in the Temple. They also know about the Hanukkiah, the special Menorah for Hanukkah. The students are connecting the symbols to the Hanukkah story. This week they learned the meaning of the word, Hanukkah. It means dedication.

During winter break, students will benefit from short reading sessions.

Have a great Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!

Chag Urim Same’ach!

Etta Bernstein

Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd grade) Tues/Thurs

Dear Bet and Gimel (2nd and 3rd Grade) Parents,

The Bet and Gimel students continue to eagerly learn and grow their Judaic knowledge.


Bet students have almost finished Volume 1 of their textbook. In addition to the textbook, they are learning blessings and prayers through singing. As they proceed through the textbook, they also learn basic vocabulary. We use the basic vocabulary in classroom conversation and games.

The Gimel students have completed the first unit in their textbook and will be starting lesson 5 after Winter Break. They are starting Lesson 4. We are taking a short break from the textbook as the students learn Hanukkah blessings and songs.


The focus of our ETGAR YESODI curriculum is Hanukkah. Students have learned songs, created a Hanukkah Haiku, and thought about what it means to be a Modern Maccabee.

During Winter Break, students will benefit from short reading sessions.

Have a great Hanukkah and a Happy New Year!

Chag Urim Same’ach,

Etta Bernstein

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