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2nd-Grade (Kitah Bet) Class Update

Dear Kitah Bet [2nd grade] Parents,

The Bet students are really amazing! They are a wonderful community of students who care about and support each other.

Hebrew. Students are making good progress in Hebrew. Most of the students are working on Lesson 11. Students are learning new vocabulary as they work through their books. Competence in reading is a complicated skill that requires more than knowledge of the letters and vowels. The students need a lot of practice in order to be successful. Parents can help by asking the students to read to them from their textbooks. All students need to be reading at home 3-4 times per week between lessons.

Judaic Topics. Students have started learning about the TaNaCh (Hebrew Bible). They are learning how the TaNaCh is like a library filled with books that fall into 3 categories: Torah, N’vi’im (Prophets) and K’tuvim (Writings). As we study this unit, students will learn about stories. Some of the stories will be familiar to the students. Other stories will be new. Last week, the students acted out the story of Jericho.

Brachot/T’fillot. Students continue to learn Brachot (Blessings) and T’fillot (Prayers). Kitah Bet concentrates on the Daily Morning Prayers and the prayers of Kabbalat Shabbat (Friday Evening Service).

Holidays. We will be starting our unit for Tu B’Shevat soon. This is a time to celebrate trees. Students will learn about differences between Tu B’Shevat in Minnesota and in Israel.


HaMorah Etta

Bet 3 & Gimel 3

Dear Kitah Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd grade) Parents,

The students continue to learn and grow. They really enjoy being together, making sure everyone is included in games during their break.

Hebrew reading. Bet students continue to make steady progress. Right now, they are on Lesson 11. Gimel students are working on Lesson 5 in their textbook. For students who complete their work quickly, there is always enrichment work available. It is important that the students get reading practice at home 3-4 times per week between classes. Ask your child to read to you from their textbooks.

T'fillot/Brachot. At the end of each chapter in their reading textbook, there is a prayer practice page. Many of these prayers have become songs, which the students have learned to sing. In addition to these prayers, the students have learned the Barchu and Shema. They will be learning other important prayers during the course of the year.

ETGAR/Holiday. We have started our Tu B’Shevat unit, combining it with a mini-unit on Hebrew numbers. We will continue learning about Tu B’Shevat by exploring the things we receive from trees, some of them surprising. We will also look at the history of the holiday and how it has evolved.


HaMorah Etta

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