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2nd-Grade (Kitah Bet) Class Update

Bet (2nd-grade) Classes:


Hebrew – Students have been continuing to work in their textbooks. There is a saying that at first the student learns to read. Then the student reads to learn. The Bet (2nd-grade) students are using their reading skills to practice the prayers and blessings in their small Siddurim.

Purim – While learning about Purim, Bet students studied the story of Esther. They learned about the characters through listening to the story and discussing the events of the story, followed by doing a craft project connected to the story.

When the Bet students learn about a holiday story, they relate it to their own lives. They try to answer questions such as: How does this story teach us to live our lives better? Why do the characters make the decisions they do? What would have happened if they had decided to do things differently?

In addition, the students have been learning about the TaNaCh (the Hebrew Bible). As they study the stories that correspond with the holidays, they learn where the story is found in the TaNaCh. They learned that the story of Esther is found in the 3rd part of the TaNaCh, called Writings.

Thank you for the privilege of teaching your fabulous children!

HaMorah Etta

Bet/Gimel (2nd/3rd-grade) Class:



Students are learning basic vocabulary and grammar for conversation from their textbooks. In addition, each lesson focuses on a prayer. Students learn to read the prayers and, when possible, they also learn to sing the prayers.

The students in our class have made rapid progress in reading. As a result, the students also are learning more advanced reading skills. Recently, they reviewed and expanded on the rules for reading the letter Vav correctly, especially when it is pronounced “vo.”

Holidays and ETGAR

When we study holidays in the 3rd grade, we look for the important Judaic themes in the story and see how it connects with our own lives. While learning about Purim, our class studied the concept of Ometz Lev (courage) in the story of Esther and in our own lives. We also looked at other stories about children who showed Ometz Lev. Here are some questions they considered:

  • Which characters in the Purim story showed Ometz Lev?

  • How did Mordechai and Esther demonstrate Ometz Lev?

  • Why was having Ometz Lev important?

As always, it is a pleasure teaching your children!

HaMorah Etta

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