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3rd-Grade (Kitah Gimel) Class Update

Dear Kitah Gimel (3rd grade) Families,

This month in Polly’s class we began a new unit that focuses on the value and practice of Ometz Lev, or a strong heart. We started by defining bravery and courage, using our good friend, the Lion from the Wizard of Oz as an example. Next we will read the story of Purim and discuss how Esther shows Ometz Lev, then reflect on how we use Ometz Lev in our own lives.

As we get closer to the Purim holiday, students will participate in making and distributing Mishloach Manot, or a Purim gift basket! Be on the lookout for an email asking you to bring in a treat or item to contribute to our baskets!

In Sofya’s class, students are working in our book and practicing both speaking and reading Hebrew.

As always, please feel free to reach out to us, we love hearing from you!


Polly & Sofya

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