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4th Grade (Dalet) Class Update

Dalet 1 and Dalet 2 (4th-grade) Families,

Happy New Year!


We've really enjoyed learning together in class this month! We reviewed our colors in Hebrew and played a fun color mixing game as a class. We started to use our Hebrew script letters book and the students all absolutely love learning the writing and recognition of these new letters. We continue to enrich our Hebrew vocabularies and are enjoying our time together..

Judaics -- Etgar Yesodi:

We are beginning to interview our oldest relatives to learn about family members that we wish to remember. How do we remember those who have passed? Who will you interview and who will you learn about? What will you ask? (Name, Birthday, Special Stories, Schooling, Toys, etc.) Keep that light burning! Click here for the assignment work page to help guide your child in the interview process. As part of this assignment students are asked to list Zichronot (Remembrance) projects that would be a nice way to memorialize the family member that they are learning about. Examples include: A walk for a cure, an art project that represents the family members hobbies and interests, a special garden or activity for family members to join together to remember their loved one, etc. Students will have an opportunity to create or share their projects during an upcoming virtual class in the coming months.


Please continue to help students be prepared with their textbook, journals, handwriting books, sharpened pencils, markers, and/or any other materials necessary prior to class beginning. It is also crucial that they stay online during our entire time to ensure they’re able to fully engage with and benefit from the curriculum.

Shalom and Blessings,

Noa and Morah Schear


Dear Dalet 3 (4th-grade) Parents,

Happy 2021!

I hope you enjoyed a wonderful winter break with your families. It has been nice getting back into our routine and I especially enjoy the opportunity to engage with your children again. We continue to move forward in all areas of our curriculum.

Recently, we played a Torah Kahoot! which reviewed everything we had learned in Torah thus far. The kids really enjoyed it. We then moved on from Noah to the Tower of Babel and from there we will begin our study of Avraham, the first Jew.

Tu B’Shvat, the birthday of the trees, is our next holiday. We will speak about our role in taking care of the earth as well as present day issues and concerns with regard to our environment.

It continues to be a pleasure to work with this group!

Stay safe and healthy.


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