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4th Grade (Dalet) Class Update

Dalet 1 and Dalet 2 (4th-grade) Families, Happy Passover!


We’ve continued to accomplish more and more of our Hebrew curriculum. We’ve added four new Hebrew script letters to our alphabet and started a new chapter in our Siddur textbook. We’ve been focusing on reviewing all of our vocabulary that we’ve previously learned as well as becoming more fluent and rhythmic with our Hebrew reading. We focused on the shoresh (root of a word) and came up with different words we could make using the same shoresh. We ended the month by talking about Pesach!

Etgar Yesodi:

We have so many blessings to count even during times of difficulty and tragedy. We continued learning about ways to respond to challenges by discussing the video of “Alexander and the No Good Terrible Day.” We shared personal stories and comforted each other during difficult times.

Our dscussions included:

  • God gives and God takes away—Blessed is the Righteous Judge.

  • Acceptance – even if you cannot voice it. Acknowledge that all is for the good—even if we don’t know why something happened, there is a reason.

  • Silence (there is no reason and no good to be found—and sometimes even God weeps). God weeps with us; God does not change the world or the laws of nature.

  • Action: social justice response—in the face of tragedy

5th Grade Living Museum:

Our 4th grade students are learning so much from our 5th grade student Living Museum presentations. These artifacts represent so much family history, strength and tradition.

Artifacts shared included:

  • How a portion of a Torah scroll that was found on the streets of Slovakia during WWII is being honored in a special display frame.

  • A Freedom of Zion coin, showing ancient connections to the land of Israel dating back centuries.


It was a joy to celebrate Purim together as we dressed up, learned of the story and lessons of Purim, told jokes/riddles and shared a little snack via zoom.

Sunday, April 18th Family Program: Attitude of Gratitude Zoom Style/Save the Date:

Students and families will be receiving a package of supplies by Thursday April 15, 2021 that will be delivered to each of our student’s homes. Please email your teacher ASAP if you are in the process of moving, or if you have a location you would prefer supply packages to be delivered for this engaging program.


Please continue to help students be prepared with their textbook, journals, handwriting books, sharpened pencils, markers and any other materials necessary prior to class beginning.


Noa and Morah Schear


Dear Dalet 3 (4th-grade) Parents,

We have been keeping very busy in our class. In preparation for Purim we spoke about doing what is right, courage, speaking up, and the greater good. I am always impressed by the insights that my students share.

In addition to working in the Haggadah to prepare for Pesach, we have been speaking about freedom and what we have learned from our Jewish experiences. We know what it is like to be slaves. We know what it is like to be a minority. We know what it is to be denied rights. These things have influenced how we, as Jews, have empathy, become involved, and take action on behalf of others.

Our Torah studies have taken us to the difficult story of the Binding of Isaac. We see Avraham’s complete faith in God and we understand that he was being put to the test. We also encounter the word “Hineini” in the text, as Avraham responds to God calling out to him. This is how each student responds in class, when I take attendance. Please ask your child the difference between responding “Ani Po” or “Hineini”.

It is a pleasure to continue to engage with your children!

Chag HaPesach Kasher V’sameach,


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