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4th-Grade (Kitah Dalet) Class Update

Dear Kitah Dalet (4th grade) Families:

Happy healthy 5780! Hope you enjoyed your Rosh Hashanah, had an easy fast for Yom Kippur, and enjoyed your celebrations in the Sukkah. It was great meeting many of you during our Cirriculum Days parents’ evening. It continues to be a joy working and learning with your children.

This past month we are continuing to connect as a community through discussions games and lessons. As we continue our Zicharon (Remembrance) unit, we will be using our family stories to continue getting a deeper connection to our Jewish ancestors. We will be working on our family trees that depict families as part of a larger Jewish community that dates back to Avot (Patriarchs) V’imahot (and Matriarchs). Thank you for turning in the homework assignment to help us with this learning.

Please think about a family member that can be contacted to share a story regarding another family member who is no longer living. This will be an opportunity for your child to learn directly from an older family member whose stories may be unfamiliar to them.

We have enjoyed many activities this month as we celebrated learning by creating our own rituals and classroom routines. We had a sweet goodbye for Avi with message of love and gratitude and a song. We participated in a Tashlich (Rosh Hashana walk and ritual of casting away of our sins). We welcomed our new (recently married!) teacher Noa back from Israel with blessings and a visit to the Sukkah. We reviewed the parts of the species that are used for Sukkot as we practiced spelling the letters using script writing. Going back to the source of Torah to help understand the rituals for our Sukkot traditions was part of a discussion that brings us together.

Please log into our FACTS Parent Portal regularly to be current and updated on each of the daily activities that occur during our classroom sessions. Also, please have your child read Hebrew from any source or Siddur you may have at home or that is sent home to maintain and bolster their Hebrew reading skills...we recommend at least an additional twenty minutes a week! And, please be sure that your child brings a kippah and clip with them to Talmud Torah during each class session.

We look forward to spending more wonderful learning times together and want to wish you a happy 5780 Counting the Sunny (Shemesh-Sun) Days!

Morah (Teacher) Schear and Noa Rosenzweig

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