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4th-Grade (Kitah Dalet) Class Update

Dear Dalet (4th-grade) Families,

New Learning and Experiences:

On March 1, we had an amazing day of visitors and learning. Professor David Feinberg taught us about art and the videos he had created to remember the stories of Holocaust survivors and those affected by human rights atrocities. Students sketched about their own stories. Morah Schear's dad and family joined us in class to discuss and watch the video, and to see the project created about his experiences. Jay Fiedler, former NFL football player (and Morah Schear’s brother in law) was also introduced to our students and shared his story as well.

Special “Attitude of Gratitude” Program:

We had a wonderful learning experience at our Dalet Family “Attitude of Gratitude” Program. We ate and discussed, and explored the many blessings within our families. We also created a “Birkat Habayit”, a plaque with a personal blessing for our homes. It was wonderful seeing you all as we danced and sang together.

Continued Learning and Purim Festivities:

We continue to read in our Hebrew book and expand on our vocabulary. We discussed the mitzvah of studying the Torah. Our conversations included themes about family. We reviewed question words: Ma (What?), Lama (Why?), Ayfo (Where?), and Matay (When?).

Purim was a festive time for us as we danced through the school wearing costumes, played Hebrew Purim bingo, and participated in a Purim trivia game with the school community.

Please continue to take time to listen to your child read in Hebrew at home for ongoing practice!


At this time, we pray for the health and well-being of our families, the community-at-large, and especially for all who have been affected by coronavirus. Please continue to look for our communications via e-mail regarding distance learning lessons and updates.

Shavua Tov, Counting Our Blessings,

Noa Rosenzweig

Morah (Teacher) Schear

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