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4th Grade (Kitah Dalet) Welcome

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

DALET 1 & 2

Dear Kitah Dalet (4th grade) Parents,

  • So far this month, we’ve learned about each other as we’ve played name games and bingo with our names. Students have been busy writing their own names and the names of their peers in script. Students have been sharing stories about their families and are going to focus on rituals they share as a family.

  • This month, we’re going to learn about our families and understand the way we are all connected as well as focusing on the connections we have through our biblical matriarchs and patriarchs. We will be beginning to work in our handwriting books and continue to read stories from our New Siddur Program Book 2. Here is a link to our Hebrew book so students can continue to practice their Hebrew reading skills at home.

  • Thank you for sharing your children with us. Please note that as a Dalet (4th grade) 1 and 2 Group, we are fortunate to work with all the students as we switch classrooms every class session between Avi/Noa and Morah Schear. We look forward to welcoming Noa Rosenzweig from her recent wedding in Israel that took place this past Wednesday, September 18th. We will discuss homework expectations upon Noa’s return and wish you to support your children to read 20 minutes of Hebrew a week with materials we will be sending home or Siddur and Hebrew readings you select for your child. Their classroom Hebrew books and journals will remain at Talmud Torah. Please have your child bring a kippah and clip to class each class session and be responsible to have a kippah in class. We are looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and working together to make this a year to remember.

Please mark your calendars for a Very Special All Dalet Program for Students and Parents called “Blessings” on Sunday morning, February 23, 2020.


Morah Schear and Avi Aharoni


Dear Dalet (4th grade) 3 and Hey (5th grade) 3 Parents,

I am Mary Baumgarten and I am delighted to be teaching your children this year on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4:00-6:30 pm.

I began my teaching career at the Talmud Torah in 1973. I want you to know that I love working with my students and getting to know them. I also very much enjoy getting to know each and every family. You may know that I am also the Education Director at Beth El where I have the opportunity to see many of our students as they prepare for their B’nei Mitzvah. I am delighted to be a part of this very exciting time for you and your children. This year I will also be teaching Hey (5th grade) and Zayin (7th grade) classes, age groups with which I am very familiar and which I find most rewarding. When I am not at Beth El or at Talmud Torah, I spend time with my daughter, Shanna, her husband David, and my 2 adorable grandchildren, Sella and Bernie.

I feel blessed that they live here in the area.

This is a year of beginnings as your child begins the process of preparation at Talmud Torah and at your synagogue (in the Shabbat program) towards her/his Bat/Bar Mitzvah.

Your child’s year at TT will be spent learning about:

  • Hebrew,

  • Torah and its core values

  • A deeper understanding of Jewish Living (holidays and Shabbat)

  • T’fillah (Prayers)

  • Both reading and chanting, as well as learning the themes and concepts the Shabbat prayers express,

  • Israel

  • Jewish History.

Our goals in teaching these units, is for students to:

  • Find personal relevance in the stories and prayers learned.

  • Study about Jewish History and engage personally in his/her family’s part of the story by taking part in creating a “Jewish Living Museum”

  • Evolve to a more mature view of the holidays.

  • Strengthen their Jewish identity and feel great pride in being part of the Jewish People

I look forward to creating a strong partnership with you as we strive to create a strong Talmud Torah community.

I wish you and your family a Shanah Tovah U’Metukah! (A Sweet New Year)


Mary Baumgarten

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