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5th-Grade (Kitah Hey) Class Update

Dear Hey (5th grade) Parents,

We are pleased to share with you what we have been learning in all subject areas.

Ivrit (Hebrew)

We continue to progress in all components of our language study:

  • Root words

  • New verbs

  • Additional commonly used vocabulary

  • Prefixes

  • Introduction to past tense

  • Reading of Siddur texts – (Friday Night Kiddush + concepts)

  • Cursive writing practice

Jewish History

  • Family origins

  • Immigration and the reasons for it

  • Overview of timeline of Jewish history

  • Snapshot of Jewish history with focus from 586 BCE

  • Familiarity with what BCE and CE stand for

  • How do we compute the Jewish year of 5780?

  • Overview of period of Kings, 10th and 11th centuries

  • Beginning study of Hellenism and the Greek Empire which will lead into the story of Hanukkah.


We studied Adam and Eve’s having the free choice to disobey God concerning eating the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge with all the implications of that. This led to interesting discussions about two new words we learned about God’s attributes: God is omnipotent and also omniscient. So even though God could control our behavior, God chooses to limit God’s power in order to allow us to make choices and assume responsibility for our deeds.

This concept continued to reverberate throughout the stories of Cain’s murder of his brother Abel and is still with us as we start the Noah and the Tower of Babel stories. God knows all (omniscient) and yet God “regrets” that He created humans, since they have turned out so evil. How can God regret anything if He knows everything? Very interesting and intense discussions!!

We engaged our special guests in those discussions during Sunday’s Multi-Generations Day.

We are excited to report that we will begin to work on our Living Museum Exhibit in December. Please begin to think about an artifact that your child will contribute to this amazing project. We will be visiting the Minneapolis Institute of Arts on Sunday, December 15, as an introduction to our Living Museum project. Please sign your child’s permission slip here. Parents are welcome to join us.

It continues to be a pleasure and privilege to be working with your children!

Mary Baumgarten and Susie Chalom

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