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5th-Grade (Kitah Hey) Class Update

Dear Hey 1 and Hey 2 (5th grade) Parents,

It is our pleasure to share with you what we have been learning.


We continue our study of Hebrew by working on our reading fluency, comprehension, speaking and grammar. In the past weeks we have begun a new story, “Flowers for Shabbat.” We have added to our list of new verbs and new vocabulary.

We read and chanted portions of the Torah Service, both taking out and returning the Torah. When singing “Etz Chayim,” in Hebrew and English we discussed why the Torah is referred to as a “tree of life.”


Although Hanukkah is not one of our major holidays, there is still much to be learned about it and what it represents. We are speaking about Hanukkah’s relevance to us today. Topics will include religious freedom and how fortunate we are to live in a country where religious freedom is everyone’s right. We will also discuss how we, as Jews, are instructed to be a “light unto nations.” What can we do to accomplish this?


We have finished the first 11 chapters of Genesis. What have we learned about what God wants from humanity up until now? God wants humans to be His partners and gives them certain powers over the rest of the creatures. They are to be God’s partners in the world. God gives people the power to make moral choices They can choose between good and evil. People prove they are weak and make the wrong choices and are punished by God. After the flood, God decides to treat humans with mercy, recognizing their limitations and he gives them some laws to help guide them in the right direction. He vows never again to destroy all mankind.

God has not yet given up hope that the world could become a good and peaceful world so He chooses one man from whom God will create a whole new people who will live by His rules and be good examples of integrity and role models for the rest of the world to follow.

God chooses Abram who leaves his country, his kinsmen and his father’s house in Haran to follow God to the land that He shall show him. God promises him that as His God, God will bless Abram and make him into a great nation and will make his name great and be a blessing to all. He also promises him the land of Canaan.

We will be exploring in the coming lessons how the Jews and Israel have followed up as role models and blessings in history and in the world today. When we come back from our winter break, we will start our unit of study on the land of Israel, its people, history, culture and geography.


Our Living Museum Project is now underway. Your child should be deciding on their artifact and learning as much as they can about it. They should bring it to class no later than January 22nd. Along with the artifact, they should bring a copy of their artifact label description, which should have been emailed to Shosh as well. We must have it electronically. When they bring in their artifact, they will present it to their class. This is a very exciting project and we can’t wait to have you at our Grand Opening Exhibit on Sunday, March 1st.

It was a pleasure meeting with so many of you at conferences. We wish you all a very happy Hanukah and a restful and enjoyable winter break!


Mary and Susie

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