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6th-Grade (Kitah Vav) Class Update

Left: Vav (6th-grade) students say the blessing over the candles

Right: Working on the first stages of the Yad LaTorah project. RSVP for the event here.

Shalom Kitah Vav (6th grade) Families,

Here is an update on what we are doing in Vav Class!


Students are preparing to teach their peers the laws and ethics of observing Kashrut (creating a 4 minute commercial and a visual). Students will be looking at these reasons to apply to their presentation of Kashrut learning: Adding holiness to our lives, Strengthening Jewish identity and community, Jewish community's interpretation of God's will, Attaining Self-Discipline, and Gaining a sense of reverence for life.

Kashrut Journaling Questions:

What are the primary and secondary reasons for keeping kosher?

Who was Rambam? What does Rambam say about Kashrut?

Hebrew Reading:

Students have been reading Hebrew prayers and Torah verses to themselves, to peers and to a teacher in class to keep up with reading fluency. Please practice Hebrew reading at least 20 minutes a week from a Siddur or other Hebrew sources you have at home, especially if you’ve missed class.


Understanding the Repeating Cycle in the Book of Judges (Shoftim) after Joshua dies, before establishing the Monarchy in Israel.

  • Israelite Sinning

  • God sends a foreign power to punish the Israelites

  • Israelites repent

  • God forgives and sends a Judge to save the day

  • And the cycle repeats

Your Partners in Jewish Education,

Morah (Teacher) Schear and Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui

P.S. Remember that our Yad LaTorah Program will take place on Thursday, December 5th, 2019 @ 5:00-6:30 PM!

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