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6th-Grade (Kitah Vav) Class Update

Shalom Kitah Vav (6th grade) Families,

Happy Kislev 5780 and December 2019!!!


Students presented commercials which included visual to represent the main ideas of their Kashrut lesson. We reviewed the laws and ethics of keeping Kosher. We continue to practice these teachings of Kashrut: adding holiness to our lives, strengthening jewish identity and community, Jewish community's interpretation of God's will, attaining self-discipline, and gaining a sense of reverence for life.

In our studies of the Books of the Prophets, we are presently finishing the narrative of David and Goliath and David’s ascension to the throne.


Students have been reading Hebrew prayers and Torah verses to themselves, to peers and to a teacher in class to increase their Hebrew reading fluency. Please continue to practice Hebrew reading at least 20 minutes a week from a Tikkun, Siddur, or other Hebrew sources.


Thank you for your support and for attending our Yad LaTorah Program on December 5th. In addition to assembling their Yad design, we also had an engaging lesson from Sofer (scribe) Noam Sienna. Noam spoke about the variety of laws and customs/traditions in “scribing” a sacred scroll and clarified why we do not touch a Sefer Torah (i.e. why we use a Yad). He also answered many questions from both parents and students.


It was a pleasure meeting with many of you during conferences to celebrate learning and to set goals for continued learning.

Have a Great Winter-Break!!!

Your Partners in Jewish Education,

Morah (Teacher) Schear,

Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui,

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