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6th-Grade (Kitah Vav) Class Update

Shalom Kitah Vav (6th-grade) Families:

We pray you and your families are well, both physically and spiritually, during this time. We also hope that you and your students find time for academic growth and learning opportunities as well. Will you learn a new language? Practice Hebrew reading? Play a new instrument? Create a piece of art? Clean the house? Reflect?

We have already forwarded two learning opportunities that we would like them to take advantage of during this time of distance learning. We trust that you have already downloaded the shared documents and that they have started on the projects. We will be reaching out with additional information, including how we are going to interactively stay connected.

In addition, we strongly encourage them to continue to practice Hebrew reading at least 20 minutes a week from a Tikkun, Siddur, other Hebrew texts that we share with you, or from additional Hebrew resources you may have at home.

Ivrit--Hebrew and Practice:

In class, we continued reviewing the Torah Blessings, the Tallit Blessing, and learning the Prayer for Our Community. We reflected on these Questions: Why does the Torah service begin with prayers that express our relationship to God? What is Ein Kamocha about? What does the first part of the Torah Service include? We read, sang, and translated together. You can view additional details of our daily class by visiting the Parent Portal of FACTS/RenWeb.

Purim Celebration: Happy Adar! In addition to taking a Purim Quiz and playing Purim Kahoots together, we reviewed Purim vocabulary, customs, and important individuals within the narrative, including an understanding of the Purim timeline (between Amalek vs. Israel, King Agag of Amalek vs. King Saul of Israel, and Haman the Agagite/Amalakite vs. Mordechai and Esther). We also performed the Purim mitzvah of Mishloach Manot, the sending of gifts.


We took time to play basketball and enjoy each other’s company in the gym.

Stay Healthy and Comfortable during these Unique Days of Recovery and Discovery!

Your Partners in Jewish Education,

Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui

Morah (Teacher) Schear

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