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6th Grade (Kitah Vav) Welcome

Dear Vav (6th grade) Parents,

It has been a great start to our Vav Talmud Torah Year! So far this month, we have been getting to know one another through name greetings and shared experiences. The students are looking at Character Traits and how we apply these positive traits to our lives. As we began the Kashrut Unit, students watched short clips of Karate Kid. We are learning that Karate is not only about fighting as Kashrut is not only about eating. We will continue to learn about primary and secondary reasons for keeping Kosher through text study and more.

  • Please note that Rabbi Danny Ettedgui and Morah Schear of Vav (6th grade) 2 and 3 rotate classes each class session and are both working with all these 6th grade students.

  • Please have your child bring a kippah and clip to class each class session and be responsible to have a kippah in class. So much looking forward to a wonderful year of learning and working together.

  • Please mark your calendars for a Very Special Vav Yad (Torah Pointer) for students and parents on Thursday afternoon, December 5th.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments at: or

Shanah Tovah! A Happy & Healthy 5780!

Morah Schear and Rabbi Danny Ettedgui

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