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6th-Grade (Vav) Class Update

Students showed off their own hechshers (a rabbinical product certification, qualifying foods that conform to the requirements of halakha). Many of them incorporated imagery from Minnesota and Judaism.

Dear Vav Families,

It was great to see and hear from many of you on Curriculum Night--thank you for your support! What I love about teaching these students at TT is that these lessons are “life lessons”, they inform our daily decision making and behavior...everything really matters, I love that! (I plan and hope to successfully support our school’s mission and honor your families’ Jewish traditions and observances).

We just completed our Etgar Kashrut Unit this past Wednesday and Thursday with a Final Quiz.

Themes and Summary of the Kashrut Unit: We used primary text sources from the Torah and how they are interpreted by our sages and observed in our own kitchens. Defining the term Kosher as “Fit/Proper/Sanctioned” that Jews can to apply to many mitzvot (e.g. Mezzuzah, Tefillin, Lulav & Etrog…). Themes are: Dietary changes in the Torah; What makes these Kosher? Land Animals, Fish, Fowl and prohibitions of Kashrut. Jewish Symbols of Kashrut (Hekhsher); Supervision of Kashrut (Mashgiach); Shechitah (Kashrut Slaughter practices); Secondary reasons for Kashrut: respect for life, discipline, peoplehood, compassion for animals, etc.

Next up for us is the beginning of our study of the Torah Service. This is central to the students’ Bar/Bat-Mitzvah preparation. Students are engaged with the importance of knowing why the Torah Service is conducted with a specific “staging” (why is it carried around, why is it lifted, etc.); Roles of a Torah reader, Gabbai, congregant, Oleh/Olah (Aliyah), where/when to stand, the use of a pointer (Yad La’Torah); how a Torah Scroll is constructed and the process of a Torah Scribe. Students will design and put together their personal Yad La’Torah.

Our Vav Family Program, Yad LaTorah is currently calendared for Thursday, December 3rd, 2020. You will receive communication informing you of details as they unfold.

Additionally, each and every week, we will take a look at the Torah Portion, usually on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

As always we offer Bar/Bat Mitzvah Skills Support: In the form of students practicing essential Tefillot (prayers) and/or Torah and Haftarah reading.

Please feel at ease to contact me at any time!

Rabbi Daniel (Danny) Ettedgui

Fun in the Sukkah!

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