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Kitah Vav (6th-grade) Update

Dear Kitah Vav (6th-grade) Families,

Welcome back from Passover/Spring-Break!

We are certainly in the home-stretch with only 4 weeks to go (that’s just 8 class periods per M/W and T/Th) May 18th is the last Wednesday, and May 19th is the last Thursday.

Here are some of the important topics we embrace in class.

We observe beautiful rituals together in class, sensing and keeping the rhythm of Jewish time (calendar).

  • Every Monday and Tuesday (Mifgash) we observe Havdallah, separating the Holiness of Shabbat from the other days of the week. The weekly Torah portion is also part of our conversations.

  • Before each Rosh Chodesh, New Month, we’ve recited Birkat haChodesh, the Blessing for the New Month.

  • Counting the Omer each day with the Blessing. The Omer is the period of 7 weeks between the 2nd evening of Passover and the festival of Shavuot.

  • Observing Yom HaZikaron (Israel's Memorial Day) & Yom Ha'Atzmaut/Israel's 73rd Independence Day. We’ll examine the origin of Israel’s Flag, Emblem, and the National Anthem, HaTikvah.

  • Overview of the Year: Students will select a specific subject that we’ve covered this past year and do a short lesson/presentation of that specific subject.



Rabbi Daniel Ettedgui

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