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8th Grade (Het) Class Update


Jewish Book Month is going strong in our class! I am enjoying hearing the contributions to our class discussions based on the Holocaust related stories everyone is reading. Please ask your student about their choice and continue to check in once a week this month -- ask questions like:

  • Who is the main character connected to in your book?

  • What travel happens in your main character's life?

  • Where do you see Jewish elements in the story?

  • How was history being shaped during this time?

  • Do you want to look at a map together to see where the story is taking place?

  • What line or quote really connected you to the book?


We watched the movie “Swing Kids” in class this month -- ask your student to share a message from the movie with you. There are many of them -- dealing with family connections, pressure from peers and government, the role of music in society -- just to name a few. Consider watching the movie together with your student and let them teach you about the lessons the movie has to share.

Let’s keep learning together with our students,


Kitah Het important announcements:

  • Parents who like to work with food & students -- please let me know, as we will need some help in a couple class sessions this year :)

  • If your student misses class, please check FACTS/RenWeb with them to find out what they can make up before our next class -- I try to set up the lessons so parents and students can learn together if your student misses a week.

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