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8th Grade (Het) Class Update

Dr. Kuperman shared his family's Holocaust story and talked to the class and parents about standing up for what is right, and not letting the hate of the Holocaust happen again. Thank you Dr. Kuperman for joining us!

Dear Kitah Het (8th grade) Parents:

Our class has begun our semester-long unit on Israel titled “LINK: Discovering Your Israel Connection.” Talmud Torah has been chosen as part of a pilot program for this experiential way to introduce Israel to our students. The goal of LINK is to introduce our students to the Israel not typically taught through traditional curricula -- the Israel that excels at the things that matter most to the youth of today. The philosophy of the curriculum developers is that if your child forms a connection to Israel through one of his/her core values; that connection will stick.

The six lessons in the unit will cover the following:

  • JEWISH CONTINUITY IN THE LAND OF ISRAEL – Your child will have the opportunity to “meet” Margalit, the last descendant of the Zinati Family whose ancestry and family history in the Land of Israel can be traced back 3,000 years!

  • ISRAEL BY THE NUMBERS – Geographic realities of Israel, its place in the world, and why people “choose” Israel.

  • DIVERSITY – Real stories of integration and diversity in Israel and the everyday lives of the people that live there, beyond the headlines. ·

  • HUMANITARIAN AID – A showcase of Israel’s humanitarian efforts both within Israel and abroad.

  • INNOVATION AND TECHNOLOGY – How the technology developed in Israel improves lives all around the world.

  • ISRAEL AND YOU – An opportunity for students to explore their personal connection to Israel.

While much of the students’ learning will take place in our Zoom classroom through interactive activities, videos, group projects and games, we cannot emphasize enough the role that you as parents play in strengthening and reinforcing their learning, especially as the questions raised by the curriculum are intertwined with issues of identity and values. To that end, we ask you to encourage your student to share what they are learning. You will also have an opportunity to view the presentations, blog posts, ad campaigns, and other group and individual projects that we will be sharing throughout the course of the unit and at our Het Graduation ceremony in May.

Please contact me if you have any questions about LINK. I look forward to partnering with you to nurture your student’s journey as they discover their own personal connection to Israel.



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