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8th Grade (Het) Class Update

Kitah Het (8th-grade) is exploring Israel together using Minecraft. Yes you read that correctly. Our class is “the class” that is running a brand new pilot Israel discovery program with Lost Tribe Esports. I found out about Lost Tribe and approached them about using their ideas to work together in a way that would allow students during this pandemic time to interact and connect their learning about Israel in a whole new way. Lost Tribe said yes, and TT Het students are benefiting from this interactive, relevant experience!

A little about Lost Tribe Esports -

Lost Tribe Esports is a global, year-round engagement initiative, connecting the next generation to Jewish life and identity through esports and the community of gaming. We partner with nearly 100 Jewish organizations to bring people together on an international level. We provide tournaments, community game nights, and livestreams with a wide library of games.

Lost Tribe Esports designs and delivers Jewish educational, online gaming-based experiences for all of Generation-Z. We use the tools and media channels of online gaming to engage and re-engage teens and adults in Jewish life and community, as well as with opportunities to connect with Jewish institutions and Israel.

So far, Het students have built field hospitals (see photos above) after learning about IsrAID ( and the humanitarian relief they provide worldwide, played Israel trivia, and made their way through a special Passover edition session! We will continue learning about Israel with our IsraeLlink curriculum and exploring Israel together with counselors Zach and Manor for a few weeks after Passover break.

A special thanks to Rabbi Olitzky for spending an evening with us and talking about Atheism and Judaism. This was one of the class picks for our module learning. Students had great questions during our time together. We have a couple more module lessons still ahead this year!

Hag Kasher v’Sameach -- A Happy and Kosher Passover!


Thank you to guest speakers for joining Kitah Het (8th-grade). Ben Stolberg, from JNF, and Daniella Ohayon, a former Talmud Torah student who participated in the Alexander Muss High School Program in Israel, spoke to our class about High School in Israel.

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