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8th Grade (Het) Class Update

Shalom Kitah Het ((8th-grade) Familier:

This past month we have continued our focus on learning about Israel. Using Minecraft to allow our students to work together in a virtual format, the class was split into two teams to build a massive garden, including a drip irrigation model system, and then "sell it" to consumers as to why it is the best.

Students were divided into specific roles for the project. The roles were explained by the counselors and the group worked out who would do each one, with some students partnering up on a couple of them. The roles were project manager, researcher, creative director and copywriter.

In the second week of this unit, students made a commercial to sell the fruits of their labor (things that can be found in Israel) and explain why people should buy from a community garden.

We asked the students to keep the following in mind:

  • What information do you want to convey?

  • Who is your audience?

  • What feelings do you want to evoke?

  • What tools (music, visual effects, language) will you use to get the message and mood across?

Working as a team on a virtual project has its challenges, but it has been great to see the teamwork and collaboration that is able to come together in this unit.

Please save the date -- Kitah Het Graduation is on May 19th -- details will be coming out very soon!

A special thanks to Israellink for providing Israeli snacks and a playlist for our class to enjoy on Yom Ha’atzmaut! I was happy to see the students that were able to come to the “drive-by” snack pick up! Check out the playlist here.

Until next month,


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