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8th-Grade (Het) Class Welcome

Photo caption: Kitah Het begins their work together reflecting on their B'nei Mizvah celebrations that have taken place in the past year and those coming up in the next few months by looking at a poem called, “At My Bar Mitzvah,” written by a Rabbi in honor of a 13 year old member of the resistance. Students wrote their own additional lines to reflect on their personal experiences, and to imagine how someone their age might have felt during the war.

Shalom and Welcome to the New Year at Talmud Torah!

Kitah Het (8th-grade) - class of 2021, is a class of students that are ready to learn together this year. I am looking forward to continuing to hear all they are going to contribute to our class.

In Kitah Het, we will cover the Holocaust by looking at the timeline of pre-World War II, throughout the war, and then the role that Israel played right after the war. We will then jump to talk about Israel today by numbers, humanitarian aid, inventions, and more. I am always on the lookout for on-topic guest speakers and events in the community that we can learn from as a class, so please feel free to share with me if you know of opportunities.

Kitah Het students are in the process of deciding our module subjects that they want to learn about together. Kitah Het offers the opportunity for our 8th graders to learn about topics that they want to learn more about -- in past years we have done units on Jews in Sports, Jews in Comedy, the Jewish view of Animal Treatment and many others. I will look forward to hearing what this year's class wants to focus upon.

A highlight of the year is our planned class trip to Washington DC in April. More on this will come in future posts.


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