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8th-Grade (Kitah Het) Class Update

Shalom Kitah Het (8th grade) Families!

December has been another month full of learning for Kitah Het. We really use the time we have together each week. We learned about Righteous Gentiles and Rescuers during the Holocaust. Watching Schindler’s List is an intense experience that our class shares together as we complete our semester of studying about the Holocaust. As a class we watch the movie over 2 class periods to allow for discussion, questions and processing time. Adults, do you remember seeing Schindler’s List in the theatre when it first came out 26 years ago? Please share what that experience was like with your students.

It was great to have a chance to discuss many of the students’ experiences in class during parent-teacher-student conferences. If you were not able to schedule a conference, please email me to set up a time to speak after Winter Break. There is a lot to share with parents at this point of the year.

On December 18th, our class was invited to participate in a special Twin Cities Event at the Sabes JCC with The In[HEIR]itance Project. The In[HEIR]itance Project has returned to the Twin Cities to kick off their national conversation for a new project about climate change. The project brought together members of the JCC Artist's Lab and 8th grade students from Talmud Torah for the first of a two-part process that engaged folks in conversation and art-making that examined our relationship to, and responsibility for, each other in a changing world. There will be a follow-up visit and sharing in February 2020 with opportunities for personal reflection and creation in the interim. See photos from the In[HEIR]itance Project and our Hanukkah party.

I hope you share in some wonderful times together with your family over Winter Break and take some time to learn together.

Hag Urim Sameach... Happy Hanukkah!


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