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8th-Grade (Kitah Het) Class Update

Shalom Kitah Het (8th-grade) Families -

This is an exciting time for our Het students at Talmud Torah. After a full year of learning together we spent some time during our last couple of classes preparing for our Graduation Ceremony. For our students this milestone marks up to seven years of learning at Talmud Torah.

The Graduation Ceremony looked different this year, and I am so proud of the fortitude our students showed in their participation, their preparation, and the active roles in which they served during the Graduation Ceremony itself.

Our special guest, Mark Oppenheimer (Tablet Magazine’s Editor-at-Large and host of the podcast “Unorthodox”), charged the Graduates to continue their Jewish Education, sharing that there is so much more to learn!

Summer is almost here...check out all of Tablet Magazine’s podcasts at - Israel Story, to test your knowledge along with the contestants on Hebrew School and more!

Special thanks to our community Rabbis and Hazzan Dulkin for participating in Graduation. It is so important for our students to see and hear from our clergy.

A couple weeks ago, we had our class “Ask the Rabbi” night. It was an evening our class will be able to look back upon as an open and honest conversation with Rabbi Weininger and Rabbi Olitzky. Not every 14 year old has their Rabbis’ cell phone number, but in our class, every student now does. :)

Thank you to Hazzan Lipton and Shosh Mann for their support, especially during the past few weeks, and for all of the things they do when we are not in Virtual Learning Mode as well!

I hope you all have a safe and healthy summer.


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