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Dalet (4th-grade) Curriculum Overview

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

DALET 1 & 2: Sunday/Wednesday

Dear Dalet 1 & 2 (4th-Grade) Families,

We are so excited to welcome you to an amazing Talmud Torah 2021-22 school year.

We look forward to teaching our fourth grade Dalet Classes 1 and 2! Please note that we will be working together as a small group, a whole group, in the room and on zoom. Sometimes we will be in the room and on zoom at the same time. Teachers will be team teaching at times and we will be rotating as we flip groups and teach lessons to smaller groups. It is going to be a wonderful year of building community, mastering Hebrew reading, writing and conversational skills. We will learn about ourselves, our families and practice to be the best we can be through Jewish values and teachings. Through discussions, stories, music, videos, special programming on Zoom and lessons in the classroom and routines we set together, we envision many wonderful shared experiences. Click the file below to review our curriculum for the year.

Dalet Curriculum 2022
Download PDF • 297KB

Fun Facts:

Morah (Teacher) Niza Schear

Israel is dear to my heart as I was born in Haifa, Israel. Minnetonka Minnesota is my home. I am blessed with three beautiful children ages 22,19,18 all Talmud Torah Graduates. My Parents are immigrants from Warsaw Poland and Belarus Russia. I published a book titled "My Pixie Dixie" and I am currently completing a second children’s book, "Falafel Friends", and dream to publish this rhyming story of friendship and peace. I love to walk the lakes, talk and meditate. Teaching at Talmud Torah brings me much joy!

Moreh (Teacher) Avi Aharoni

I believe that being Jewish can mean different things to different people, but it always starts with the nurturing of children’s education so that they maye grow up to connect to Judaism in any way they see fit. As a former Talmud Torah student, I’ve been fortunate enough to have found a personal connection to my Jewish identity in a way that is meaningful for me. Personally, my background is in the theatre as an actor and a playwright, and in recent years I’ve been able to craft my career to better reflect this ever-evolving identity. To be honest, I didn’t understand my involvement in Judaism until I lived in Israel in my early 20’s, but now I understand that being able to connect with a supportive community from a similar background is long-lasting and begins with a shared understanding.


Avi Aharoni and Morah Schear

DALET 3: Tuesday/Thursday

Dear Kitah Dalet 3 (4th grade) and Kitah Hey 3 (5th grade) Parents,

I am delighted to have your children in my Tuesday/Thursday IN PERSON Talmud Torah class.

The children are so happy to be together and I share in that happiness.

Since this is a combined class, my 3, D-3 students work with Jeanne for Hebrew and both classes are combined for everything else.

Below is an overview of our curriculum.


  • Textbook: The New Siddur Program, Book 2

    • Dalet 3: first half of book

    • Hey 3: second half of book

    • Dalet 3 and Hey 3 in separate Hebrew groups

  • Reading: both groups, with more emphasis in Dalet, including prayers and short stories

  • Vocabulary: prayer-related and modern Hebrew

  • Grammar: emphasis more in Hey: present tense, root words, prefixes, suffixes

  • Speaking: Simple Hebrew sentences with basic verbs and vocabulary

  • T’fillah (prayer) component: familiarity with the themes and content of selected prayers ie. Torah Service, Ashrei, Alenu, Shema, Adon Olam


  • Textbook: Parashah: the Book of Genesis

  • Introduction to Torah: What is it? Bible? What is special about it?

  • Overview of each Parashah (portion)

  • Key Hebrew verse from portion

  • Making meaning, relevance, out of text

  • Midrash (commentary)

  • Mitzvah connected with Parashah

Life Cycle

  • Textbook: Make, Create, Celebrate, and original materials

  • Study of holidays

    • Basic knowledge

    • Historical background

    • Rituals

    • How we celebrate today

    • Relevance in today’s world


  • Timeline of Jewish History (mostly through the holidays)

  • Historical context

  • Where do holidays fit into the timeline


  • Last part of year

  • Famous personalities

  • Israel’s gifts to the world – inventions

It is a privilege for me to work with your children.

Thank you for partnering with us.

Feel free to reach out to me with any comments or questions:



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