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Het (8th Grade) Classrooms

Anne Hope & Tali Levin (Wed):

Hello Kitah Het families!

We've enjoyed starting our school year with our new class! We have spent time building our classroom community and jointly determining community guidelines and learning interests. Our classes cover anti-Semitism, Holocaust, Jewish leadership, and identity development structured into one large group session, and two breakout sessions.

In our learning of anti-Semitism, we've been covering stereotypes and discrimination, the historical beginnings of anti-Semitism, and the early years of the Nazi rise to power. Students have also been able to share about their personal experiences with anti-Semitism, and process news sources on current events. This will empower our students to be knowledgeable and confident advocates.

In leadership and identity development, we have been learning how to plan activities through a Jewish lens, and exploring personal connections to Jewish music as a form of self-expression, self-reflection, and community-building. These are great building blocks to develop a stronger Jewish identity, and prepare our youth to be future camp counselors and/or young leaders!

Tali Levin (left) & Anne Hope (right)

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