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Hey (5th Grade) Classrooms

Mary Baumgarten

Mary Baumgarten (Sun/Wed):

Dear Hey 1 and Hey 2 Families,

I hope you enjoyed all of our fall holidays.

We have been spending much of our time on the Tishrei holidays and, especially, their relevance to us today.

Prior to the High Holidays we spoke about how we can become our best selves, we looked at several of the key prayers in the Mahzor and we discussed the story of Jonah and the Whale.

We are now ready to begin regular Hebrew reading practice, acquiring new Hebrew vocabulary, and becoming familiar with common words and phrases from some of our prayers.

It is a pleasure working with your children.



Rabbi Avram Ettedgui

Rabbi Avram Ettedgui (Sun/Wed):

In Kitah Hey we have been discussing:

  • What does the Torah mean and what has it meant to the Jewish people?

  • The Books of the Tanach, which include the Torah.

  • The name of the first book, Bereshit.

  • Why does the entire Torah start with the letter Bet rather than Alef, the first letter of the Hebrew Alphabet?

We have also studied the first six days of creation and the purpose of the various stages of creation.

I am very proud of Kitah Hey 1 and Kitah Hey 2. They are inquisitive, they get along as a group and seem to be interested in the topic.

Rabbi Avram Ettedgui

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